Purple Kush Bubble Hash


Purple Kush is a pure indica strain that emerged from the Oakland area of California as the result of a Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani cross. With 100% indica genetics, it provides a slow and relaxing full body stone. Purple Kush has a sugary grape-like taste that may remind some of sweet dessert wine or purple cough syrup. The perma-smile and heavy body stone that come with Purple Kush definitely call for nighttime enjoyment of this indica knockout.


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Bubble hash is a cannabis concentrate made using ice water.

Bubble hash is one of many different extracts of cannabis. It is typically a dark brown, somewhat crumbly solid.

It is made by extracting structures that contain the majority of marijuana’s active ingredients.
These structures are called trichomes.
Resembling tiny hairs, they are packed tightly on cannabis flower buds.

Bubble hash gets its name from the bubbles that form when “full melt” bubble hash is smoked. Full melt is an especially refined type of bubble hash.

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